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In this season what we all seek is to make good christmas pictures. We can capture beautiful moments in which […]

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In this season what we all seek is to make good christmas pictures. We can capture beautiful moments in which we can find ourselves at parties, dinners, family gatherings giving lots of gifts, decorating ornaments, etc. However, one of the most important thing is to have the necessary knowledge, equipment and the know-how. The first consideration should be, where to start taking pictures that you want. This Christmas let’s explore some tips from The Magical Lens Photography that will be of great help so that you can take good photographs and preserve your precious memories to cherish forever.


1. Equipment


The first thing, as always, is to prepare your equipment. You should already have decided on a location and we also recommend you make a list of what you should have to make good photographs along your camera. I recommend you to take 2 flash drives/memory cards of 16GB each to avoid lack of enough space when you are taking pictures. Choose the lens that you like, it can be a wide angle lens like 35mm or 50mm or long lens like 70-200 mm, 135mm or a simple kit lens like 18-55 mm. Any of the 2 will be necessary for the photographs you want to make, you just have to find your frame.

Charge the batteries for your camera and off the camera speedlite to the maximum and carry the charger. Just in case, if you have an extra battery do not hesitate to take it, this can help you not run out of battery in the middle of dinner. If you have a tripod, add it to your team, sometimes it is used for group or family photographs. So you will not have to look for where to place your camera to take the photos, and you can go out in the photograph.


2. Theme


photographer photography studio GTA

For the Christmas pictures, there are many ideas to photograph. And to find the main objective for photography, remember that a good composition should be simple, without many elements. A photograph with many elements of composition causes the main objective to be lost and causes distractions when the photograph is observed. Therefore, I recommend you find your most important element wherever you are, try different poses and setups . When you have your main Christmas objects, look for the best place to take the necessary photographs. You can also try several angles to find the best shot.


3. Camera SettingsĀ 


If you are inside a house with low light, the important thing is to find the best possible elements and make the persons, party or dinner gatherings an opportunity to take or practice beautiful pictures. For beginners I recommend using your camera in Aperture Priority mode, You can select this mode by looking for the A or AV on the mode dial on the top of your point and shoot camera or new DSLR ones. In this way you select the aperture and your camera then sets shutter speed to based on the lighting situation that will result in the perfect exposure. Sometimes it may be good to zoom in more to get better sharpness in the your christmas pictures. You can also control the less lighting situation by increasing ISO and decreasing your f stop number in your camera if you are confident enough to use manual mode.


4. Christmas Pictures



Christmas picturess are the most interesting since people are happy and more accessible to participate in photographs. For that reason, I recommend you to make many portraits of any possible person. Find an area of interest with a fun background. It should also include elements of Christmas, showing the time, includes a decorated tree, a fireplace with ornaments, or even someone dressed as Santa. These elements will be interesting to achieve a portrait with a Christmas background.

In the portraits, you can include any possible person, so I recommend you also include the children. They really enjoy these dates to the fullest. If you are friendly, they can be your best protagonists in your photographs. Take as many Christmas pictures as possible, look for different areas and places to take shots, and shoot at all times. Seeks to achieve great photographs.


5. Christmas Preparations



The most pleasant of this time, for many, are Christmas decorations, dinners, and gifts. But preparation can be even more interesting. So I recommend and practice in my photography studio Toronto while taking pictures of the preparations for lunch and dinner. I recommend taking pictures of the Christmas decoration process. You can focus on decorating the home, tree, lighting, wrapping gifts or even when people get ready for dinner. Since the families come together to celebrate dinners and meetings in advance, so I recommend taking pictures at the Christmas parties too.

6. The Christmas Gifts


The exchange or opening of Christmas gifts is the best time of Christmas day, since it generates the most fun and enjoyable for all participants, more if there are children at home. You must capture all the possible expressions of each person in their Christmas pictures, that moment when the gift is delivered and when they are about to open it, which is the most unexpected, the reaction of the people.


I recommend using your camera in burst mode, with fast speeds (1/250) to get every detail of the gifts. In this option, you will be able to get 2 or 3 good shots for each situation. Try to do it at the right moment, since they are moments that do not repeat themselves. Looking to take the best pictures.

In this Christmas season, we have the best elements to take photographs. So take different frames and above all, achieve good results. When you have finished the main activities within the family, still you can take pictures. Go for a walk around the area and look for other elements to photograph, you will surely find something that will get your attention. Do not forget to take the necessary precautions for the weather. Always keep your equipment safe, carry a suitcase for the camera in which you place your equipment. The important thing is to take good pictures without putting anything at risk. Share your best Christmas pictures and tell us how it was. Still confused how to capture your best moments? visit the best photography studio in GTA!

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6 Tips to Choose The Best Wedding Photographer Tue, 19 Dec 2017 09:56:45 +0000

Undoubtedly the photographer is not a minor issue when planning your wedding. And choosing who will be in charge of […]

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Undoubtedly the photographer is not a minor issue when planning your wedding. And choosing who will be in charge of capturing the images of one of the most important events of your life is not easy. What should you take into account to choose the best wedding photographer? Why choose one and not another? Here are 6 basic tips so you can have the best photos by your wedding photographer.



Meet the Photographer

Meet your wedding photographer in person or by video conference. Although you may have seen his or her previous work, it is very important that you meet the photographer who will share with you that special day. It is a way of knowing if you empathize and if you have the same point of view. And can adapt to the type of photos you want. You can get the great wedding photos,If you are feeling comfortable with the your wedding photographer

Be Well Informed

You must be informed who will be the actual photographer to cover the wedding. Many times the couple contacts with photography studios in GTA because they have a lot of renown and fame in the world of weddings. But then, depending on the demand they have, other photographers come to cover a certain wedding. Try to find out which photographer will cover your wedding by contract.



Meet The Expert

Beware of photographers who do not usually engage in weddings. A photographer can be very good in a certain field, but if he or she is not a professional in the photography of Weddings it is possible that you will not get the result you are looking for. At weddings, it is vital to understand the essence of each moment, to know how to capture feelings, expressions of those nervous bride who want everything to be perfect. Only an expert in this field is able to provide the photos that the couple is looking for, so it is vital that you decide on a photographer who dedicates himself to your wedding photos to get the memories you want.

Define Your Style

The style of photography you seek for your wedding is the first step to take into account to choose the right photographer. Generally, couples do not know about the style of a photographer. Nor do they ask about the photography style of their photographer. They just do not pay attention to that and end up choosing the wrong person. Only a professional can guide them to choose the right style.



Review the Work

Ask the number of photos that he will give you or visit his personal blog/website. We often suspect both photographers who deliver few photos and those who deliver many. Less is more, always remember, an average of 300-600 photos is usually adequate to select the best that will form the album and to discover wonderful photos every time they are contemplated.


Guarantees of the Photographer

Last but not least, it is good to know when choosing your photographer what guarantees he or she offers you. We photographers are human beings. We can get sick, things can happen to us, we can suffer setbacks, etc. That is why it is essential that your wedding photographer offers you some kind of written guarantees in case something goes wrong. In my case, the couples that hire me to offer the possibility of presenting another photographer with the same characteristics, the same price and the same style, in case I cannot attend their wedding.

If it helped you? Share with others. It may be good for other brides & grooms!

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